Need to make a correction? Arizona Transfer-on-Death (Beneficiary) Deed. Does a Trust Have to File a Tax Return in Arizona? Such a committed man when it comes to his work. 170 Scottsdale, AZ 85250, 7972 W. Thunderbird Rd, Ste. I then contacted Ryan at JacksonWhite. DeedClaim > Arizona > Beneficiary Deed Form. Look no more, he is the right guy and trust me on this one! I suddenly found myself responsible for my brother’s complicated estate and reached out to Jackson White. These terms all refer to the same type of deed form. Mr. Hodges,Thank you for your expertise to finally put this to rest.It has been a trying time for us as a family that has ledto a dark spot in our lives that may never heal. This form is a Transfer on Death Deed where the Grantor Owner is an individual and the Grantee Beneficiaries are four individuals. Re-access the interview and create a new document at no additional charge. Complete the interview at no charge. I work in the senior care industry. Ryan Hodges was very professional and courteous as he helped me navigate the probate and estate process involving the sudden death of my son. Follow Linkedin. Arizona real estate attorney Richard Keyt explains the Arizona beneficiary deed & how it avoids probate of Arizona real estate and saves your family money. Sit down with them. Can't say enough good about Ryan Hodges and his assistance with my dad's missing Trust paperwork. My family was in a very difficult and complicated situation following my mothers death. Are Legal Fees for Estate Planning Tax Deductible in Arizona? Their firm charged $3500 and I was able to talk to Ryan, himself, the same time I called. After consulting Jackson White Law for misdemeanor charges thrown at me, she took over my case and literally handled it like a Boss. Real Estate – Deeds. Just a one-time, up-front fee for a customized deed and any related documents that you need. I highly recommend them! Ryan was easy to work with and made this process very simple. I would highly recommend Ryan and the Jackson White Law Firm to anyone in need of estate and/or probate services! I can say that our experience with Jackson White Law and Ryan Hodges in particular was completely as expected, professional and responsive. I had the pleasure of meeting Colton in early 2019 during a very dark time in my life. I had just moved to New Mexico and didn’t know anyone so I asked around and a family member recommended me to give them a call, so I did. I had just recently been in a car accident so they were very understanding with my financial situation. For a beneficiary deed to be considered valid and enforceable, it must: Comply with Arizona law. This form of deed transfers no present interest to the beneficiary named in the deed. He was so efficient and prompt in everything he did for us. It is important to note, however, that the value of your home will be attributed to your entire estate for tax purposes, so you don’t escape tax liability completely. I would have no problem recommending their services to anyone who was a need of legal services and i would not hesitate to use them again. Mesa Office 40 N Center St Suite 200 Mesa, AZ 85201, Scottsdale Office 5635 N. Scottsdale Rd, Ste. The deed must convey an interest in Arizona real estate to a grantee beneficiary designated by the owner; The deed must expressly state that the deed is effective on the death of the owner; and. For example, your property won’t go to the state if you leave a spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles or cousins. Thank you! Arizonans often … Instead, the beneficiary receives and interest upon the death of the grantor. The deed must be recorded in the office of the county recorder of the county where the property is located before the death of the owner (or, with multiple owners, before the death of the last surviving owner). . He provided us with multiple options and shared information that allowed me to keep costs down. By. I just wanna say Atty.Pace Rawlins is the best out of the best!! Seriously. Get The Big Picture. I live out of state and was faced with being a trustee of an estate of a deceased friend.I knew nothing about this type of law, but Mr Hodges guided me throughevery step of the process. Be signed before notary public. So I needed to find someone to help me with my DACA renewal. Get Deed. Our experienced, compassionate legal team can help you find the best legal options for you and your family – and minimize your cost in the process. § 33-405. So there’s three of us and the two of us are here now, so one more to go and I’m 100 percent sure that Atty.Pace can get my other brother too. Pace Rawlins has been my lawyer since the beginning. Ryan Hodges was such a huge help to us. Wish he was my first call! 5635 N. Scottsdale Rd, Ste. As long as the deed has not been revoked or the property sold, your children will receive your home immediately upon your death. An Arizona beneficiary deed form has several benefits that make it a popular estate planning tool: An Arizona beneficiary deed form must meet several requirements that apply specifically to beneficiary deed forms: An Arizona beneficiary deed form must meet all of the requirements that apply to other Arizona deed forms. However, your children will not have to wait until the probate proceedings have concluded to receive your home. I would definitely recommend for estate and trust work. 105 Peoria, AZ 85381. Be recorded with the County Recorder before your death. I worked with Nermana & her team on my recent divorce. If you are looking for someone who truly cares and will fight for what's right, I highly recommend him.Thank you Colton for everything. 33-405. As of 2020, the majority of states are now allowing these deeds—although the forms, details, and limitations on the size and kind of property will vary among those states. After your death, ownership transfers to the beneficiary you name. I went with another firm and was offered 1 year jail- This firm got a deal of me just paying a small fine. Copyright © JacksonWhite PC, 2019, All Rights Reserved |. The transfer is subject to any debts or other encumbrances affecting the property (meaning that any debts will continue to be enforceable against the property after the property passes to the beneficiary). all her assets where taken by the power of attorney for my mother. But lady bird deeds are not authorized by statute and differ in significant ways from beneficiary deeds. My initial cold call with Ryan was informative and trustworthy. I would absolutely recommend Ryan and JacksonWhite to anyone is a similar situation. Even though beneficiary deeds serve the same purpose as lady bird deeds, they are not the same deed form and shouldn’t be confused with each other. Ryan Hodges was very helpful and returned emails promptly. Previously, an individual could only transfer property to a loved one in one of three ways: Each one of these options could involve various legal, personal, and tax issues. Arizona real property transferred by an Arizona Beneficiary Deed avoids the cost and delay of probate because the property is not part of the probate estate of the deceased owner. A beneficiary deed is commonly associated with real estate and property because it is a document used to determine who will receive real estate property when the original owner dies. Ryan Hodges represented me to close an estate. During the owner’s life, the owner retains complete control over the property and can revoke the beneficiary designation. With some basic estate planning, you can include a beneficiary deed and make life easier for your loved ones. Last week Elder Law Issues reported on Arizona’s new “Beneficiary Deed” statute. I live in another state. It is important that each beneficiary deed meet the requirements of the statute, as well as the requirements of other provisions of Arizona law that affect transfer of real estate and recording of instruments. What Happens If You Don't Have a Will in Arizona. The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. The Beneficiary Deed was also adds as an additional exemption under A.R.S. The last thing anyone wants to think about after a loved one has died is how their property will be divided. JacksonWhite Law offers a full range of legal services to assist individuals, families and businesses in achieving success through out the state of Arizona on a wide range of legal matters. He always responded to any questions or concerns I had. What's the point in laws and rights if you can't afford to enforce them? Special language is required to ensure that the deed qualifies as a beneficiary deed. His responsiveness to questions were always received the same day. It also gives the current owner retained control over the property, including the right to change his or her mind about the transfer. Ryan Hodges at Jackson White Law Firm made the probate/estate process for my late husband much less scary than I had anticipated it would be (due to my lack of previous knowledge of how the process works - fear of the unknown!). He explained everything in great, easy to understand detail as to what to expect and what I needed to do. Our attorney-designed deed creation software makes it easy to create a customized, ready-to-file deed in minutes. Per Arizona statute Title 33-405 , a beneficiary deed transfers ownership of property (most often real estate) upon a person’s death. Colton is someone I will always be grateful to and will never forget. For personal property, you must wait 30-days after the property owner passes. These requirements include correct formatting, font, and page margins, as well as substantive legal requirements. It allows you to sign and record a deed, during your lifetime, that transfers real property to one or more people upon your death. I appreciate how thoroughly they will talk through the issues and all my questions get answered. in a trust during their life or at their death. We worked with Ryan Hodges. I would highly recommend this office and Ryan Hodge and I will be forever grateful for their assistance. The owner simply designates someone to inherit the property when the owner dies. Unlike a trust, the owner of the property actually maintains control of the property rather than a Trustee. Ryan was very helpful and patient, answering my many questions I had throughout the process. We called him and he got on the ball right away. As of this writing, only Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico and Ohio permit the use of beneficiary deeds. I would like to thank the office of JacksonWhite especially attorney Ryan Hodge for his professionalism and for helping me with my case in such a quick and timely manner. He is dedicated to his job and has a passion for helping people. Each deed created by our online deed preparation service was attorney-designed to meet these requirements and be eligible for recording in all Arizona counties. On behalf of my family , We want to thank Ryan Hodges and his team for getting us through this terrible situation. He made impossible become possible. Read The Balance's editorial policies. He was professional, responsive, and excellent. Unlike a normal deed, this transfer of property will not occur automatically – it will only occur upon your death. In an effort to assist families in receiving property from a deceased loved one faster, the Arizona Legislature has passed A.R.S. I appreciate you all! You retain ownership, responsibility, and control over the property during your life. 105 Peoria, AZ 85381. He was very efficient , friendly, and always answered my questions and messages right away. What is the purpose of a beneficiary deed in Arizona? Some deeds have a form of warranty on the title whereby a seller (grantor) provides a guarantee as to the soundness of the title. We all wishto “Thank You” again for your help. This includes identifying the property owners (grantors), the beneficiaries, the real estate to be transferred, and other details as needed for the specific situation. So if you’re looking for a great immigration lawyer? He was there when I started filling my K-1 Visa and now that I am a U.S. Citizen I just want to thank and congratulate him for all of his hard work. I would highly recommend Ryan and would definitely do business with him again. This language is automatically included by our deed preparation service and valid in all Arizona counties. My lawyer, Ryan Hodges is the best!!!! How to Use TOD or Beneficiary Deeds to Avoid Probate These deeds make real estate a non-probate asset in some states. Find out more about applicable requirements by They both respond quickly to messages and are non judgmental. My mother passed away in January, left no will and had a house in Buckeye. Whenever I asked him questions he was always available to give me answers without hesitation. I found myself having to fight for the well being of my elderly mother who suffers from late stage dementia and a sibling that was taking advantage of my mom financially and mentally . I would recommend this firm without any hesitation. He never got tired of helping me and he was always there for me on my interviews. This law lays out the guidelines and requirements for a Beneficiary Deed. Use this form to leave your Arizona real estate without probate. When we had questions he would get back right away and always had the answers. They are the best. I would recommend mr. Hodges to Everybody!!!! A thorough discussion with a qualified Arizona estate planning attorney will help you … I first wrote about using an Arizona beneficiary deed to avoid probate on November 13, 2012. Arizona beneficiary deeds allow property owners to retain absolute control over their real estate, with the freedom to use, modify, or sell the land at will. It allows you to sign and record a deed, during your lifetime, that transfers real property to one or more people upon your death. Work with Ryan Hodges on my father estate.I live in Texas and he was able take care of everything without me having to return to Arizona.He made the process easy to understand and was always available when needed.Would highly recommend him for any legal work. They don’t work in every situation, but they can be extremely helpful to some families. This transfer is revocable by Grantor until death and effective only upon the death of the Grantor. The Arizona deed forms are used to convey real property from one person (grantor) to another (grantee). Weeks is truly a wonder of a woman who can take any level of heaviness of a case and reduce it to being no lighter than a feather. | Terms of Use, How to Add a New Owner to the Title Deed to Real Estate, How to Remove a Deceased Owner from a Title Deed to Real Estate, How to Correct a Deed | Corrective Deeds and Scrivener’s Affidavits. He is genuine in everyway and treats you like human being with feelings unlike alot of attorneys in the field. The Arizona Beneficiary Deed Law allows you to avoid the possibly lengthy probate process. An Arizona beneficiary deed for works the same way as a TOD designation on a bank account. The deed must also follow all state and local standards for recorded documents. The benefits of an Arizona Beneficiary Deed are: 1. Ryan Hodges was a tremendous help in settling my grandmother’s estate. We’re from the Philippines and he helped me and my brother experience what American dream is. Starting July 1, 2019, a predictable and flat fee for recording documents in the State of Arizona went into effect pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute §11-475, as amended by the Arizona State … … What Is the Downside of an Irrevocable Trust? He answered questions quickly and responsibly. Nermana was very patient, kind, knowledgeable & understanding. Arizona beneficiary deed forms were created by statute. Julie Garber. My experience with the Jackson White law firm was excellent. an attorney I knew recommended I call Ryan Hodges at Jackson White and Assoc., This was the best advice I could have received. He was very responsive, informative, and made the process seamless. Depending on the situation, carrying out someone’s last wishes may take months and even years. Very satisfied with his service and made a difficult time easy. If you are looking for a lawyer, I would totally recommend them! Very helpful great staff would love to work with them again. Thank you Nermana! Arizona beneficiary deed must meet the statutory requirements as set forth in A.R.S. We set up an appointment and they made the whole process so easy! This includes transferring property to the person’s Revocable Living Trust. A beneficiary deed allows for the avoidance of probate. A law passed by the Arizona legislature this year creates a new, simpler way to pass title to real property, without any requirement of probate and avoiding the cost of establishing a living trust. The one thing I can say about JacksonWhite Law is that when they tell you there going win your case they keep there word. Call us to schedule a consultation today. Here are a few other things to know about Arizona intestacy laws. Due to the restrictions brought about from Covid-19, this process had to be handled remotely & Ryan made sure everything went smoothly. The beneficiary deed was passed into Arizona state law on Aug. 9, 2001, and is designed to make it easier to transfer your real property to a beneficiary when you die. § 11-1134, and thus an Affidavit of Value is not needed to record the Beneficiary Deed. We live out of state so he took care of all the court processing and filling out all the paperwork for us. Validity Of Beneficiary Deed. We are so grateful the work that Pace Rawlins and Jackson White Law Firm did for my Wife and I. An Arizona Beneficiary Deed is a special type of deed that is used to transfer an owner’s interest in Arizona real property to another person or entity at death. Unless the beneficiary deed provides otherwise, the interest in real property conveyed by a beneficiary deed is the … Can a Trustee Withdraw Money From a Trust? Do I Need Bank Permission to Transfer Real Estate by Deed? He is such an amazing and great guy. The estate is now settled and I couldn't be happier with how smoothly the process went with Mr Hodges overseeing it all. You lifted my spirits when I was down and gave me the confidence to move forward and gain guardianship of my Mom. An Arizona beneficiary deed form—also known as an Arizona transfer-on-death deed form or Arizona TOD deed form—is a type of deed authorized by statute to pass Arizona real estate to designated beneficiaries on the death of an owner. Thank you Jackson White staff and thank you Daniel Nunez for all of your help and support over the years with my day to day job. Can I Leave My House to Someone in My Will? I cannot thank him enough and Jackson-White Law Office. Like a beneficiary deed form, a lady bird deed form is used to avoid probate at death without sacrificing control during life. Unlike a life estate deed (discussed below), an owner that makes a beneficiary deed forfeits no … A relatively recent creature of Arizona law is the beneficiary deed. And regarding fees, I felt they were reasonable with no hidden or unexpected fees or expenses. Thx you so much and will definitely continue to use the great service provided ;). Beneficiary Deed – A newer form of deed specifically designed by the Arizona legislature to avoid probate by naming a beneficiary to inherit property at death. He is very understanding, committed and he did not treat me like a"just a client.... he treated me with respect and understanding of what I was going through. This transfer includes a transfer of any debt, liens, contracts, or other claims against the … Let me tell you, from the second they answered the phone they were soooo nice and helpful. What Is a Beneficiary Deed? I’ll be utilizing Jackson White again. The state of Arizona enacted Revised Statutes Section 35-405 on April 1, 2011, which established the legal option to hold real property in an Arizona beneficiary deed. A quitclaim deed does not provide any warranty or guarantee of title. For … We retained Ryan Hodges to do some work for us on my mom's estate. Illinois uses the term transfer-on-death instrument and Nevada uses the term deed upon death. I live in MA and have no knowledge of AZ law.Attorney Hodges did a tremendous job from start to finish. (They have now helped me with my last two DACA renewals and I am 110% satisfied with their work every time!). The attorney and staff that I worked with were very helpful, knowledgeable, and as responsive as one could expect during this period of a virus pandemic. A properly drafted, signed, notarized and recorded Beneficiary Deed can cause the ownership of Arizona real property to transfer automatically on the death of the last owner to the person, people or entities named in the Beneficiary Deed. It took her only a few weeks(during the midst of the height of the pandemic in Phoenix) to relieve me of this case and essentially end the prosecution against me. You shouldn’t take anything on this site to be legal advice or make any decisions based on it. Our user-friendly interview walks you through the process with state-specific guidance to help you create the right deed for your state and your goals. They are always responsive and helpful. No hidden fees or recurring costs. If you try to leave property in another state by deed at your death, it won't work. When my sister in law passed we didn’t know where to even start. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and professional law firm. There are different deed forms depending on the type of transfer required. You can revoke the deed at any time and you can still do anything … A few years back, I was in a situation with a loved one and Jackson White walked me through what I needed to do and helped me the whole way. Avoiding probate can save a family $1,500 to $3,000 or more in legal fees. Thank you Ryan for helping during a challenging time. They are always so professional, nice and easy to reach. For example, if you own your home, you can sign and record a beneficiary deed that transfers your home to your children automatically upon death. Beneficiary deeds are a popular and simple way to transfer Arizona homes and other real estate at death%2C without subjecting the transfer to probate. In Jones v. Mullen, BAP No. After having a meeting with Ryan I was confident he was the right person to handle this horrible and stressful situation my family was in. I Googled probate attorneys and found a couple that I contacted. In consideration of what she was up against, I confirm as a direct client that Ashelee will step strongly to any potential legal battle and wrestle it down to submission, serving me like a champion who serves her audience that pays to see an awesome performance. He provided me with an excellent suggestion and details on how to potentially find the attorney who originally drafted up the Trust. A number of readers had questions about the new deed form. Arizona allows for the transfer of real estate by affidavit if the equity of all the real property in the estate is not greater than $100,000. A deed that meets these requirements will transfer the owner’s interest to the beneficiary effective on the death of the owner. The owner may also change the beneficiary or revoke the deed without any obligation to notify the beneficiary because the transfer of the remaining property rights is not finalized until the recipient records the … They were awesome in the way they took care of our Immigration Status. Can Executors Sell Property Without All Beneficiaries Approving? Ryan Hodges did an excellent job in handling the probate process for my mother's property in Phoenix. There were no unexpected surprises from start to conclusion. An Arizona beneficiary deed for works the same way as a TOD designation on a bank account. I refer to them now constantly. Ms. You can revoke the deed at any time and you can still do anything with the property without any restrictions. One wanted $6500 and the other didn't return my call at all. The grantee may be a multiple grantee or a successor grantee or both. No problem. Very professional and helpful. Wade and Adam got me exactly what I was wanted. They were always working in my best interest and always available to answer any questions I needed answered. I was overwhelmed with a seemingly insurmountable to-do list related to my late husband's affairs, but it quickly became apparent what a tremendous blessing it was to have Ryan on board to take care of this big item on my plate. Ryan was very understanding and professional and was very knowledgeable he took time to answer all my questions. Needless to say I am very happy with Ashelee's handling of my case and I know for a fact that anyone else who is fortunate to have her will have the same if not better experience.
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