Line and paragraph spacing Arbitrary size spaces nhspace{ length } makes a horizontal space. LaTeX forum ⇒ Presentations and Posters ⇒ Set line spacing for a single frame Beamer, Powerdot and KOMA-Script presentations, Conference posters (a0poster, baposter, tikzposter) 4 posts • Page 1 of 1 Use nhspace* to force space even at line breaks. Indent the first line by 0.125 inches and type the word "Abstract" in 9 point Times New Roman Bold Italic. Use in vertical mode. preample: \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{booktabs,makecell,multirow,tabularx} \usepackage{ragged2e} \usepackage[]{minted} Maybe some of you can help ? One is simpler, the other requires a package, but is more flexible. For me it seems like Latex does not escape the minted code and instead runs it as tex code. There are two different ways to change line spacing in LaTeX. Breaking the document flow in L a T e X is not recommended unless you are creating a macro.Anyway, sometimes is necessary to have more control over the layout of the document; and for this reason in this article is explained how to insert line breaks, page breaks and arbitrary blank spaces. Set your line spacing to be 10 points rather than single space. You might want to make it more readable by adding some spacing between lines and some spacing between paragraphs. I'm using minted to format code samples in my document, and I have set a bgcolor option to make them stand out. There is also a nhspace{1in} after this . You can also set the spacing to be something other than doublespaced; for example, if you wanted to have one-and-a-quarter spacing between lines, use the line \setstretch{1.25} before your \begin{document} command, and after the \usepackage{setspace} line. It allows you to easily specify the programming language of your interest, to format margins, line spacing, footnoting, reading from an actual code file, and other things. Classicthesis, Bachelor and Master thesis, PhD, Doctoral degree. TeX - LaTeX: I am making a titlepage for my PhD thesis, in the memoir class, and I want to increase the line spacing slightly in the title. There are two popular options, which are minted and listings. How can I increase the line spacing? Between the two options, I found minted more flexible and easy to use, of course only when installed. As a brief note to self, when you need to control spacing at the top of the title page (titlepage) in a LaTeX document, use the \vspace command, as shown in this example: \begin{titlepage} \centering \vspace*{20mm} %special incantation for title page spacing {\titleFont Hello, Scala\\ } \vskip6.5cm {\myNameFont Alvin Alexander\\ } \vskip1cm … Regards. The linespread-command: To change the line spacing for the entire document, you can use the linespread command in your preamble: \linespread{} The factor is somewhat confusing. You can do so with the following lines of code in your LaTeX code’s preamble: \parskip 1.5ex % paragraph spacing \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{1.33} % line spacing Changing line spacing. There is a nhspace{1in} before this. I have tried the linespread{1.5} command, but it has no effect. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. fabriziomiano Posts: 5 Joined: Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:21 pm. LaTeX forum ⇒ Theses, Books, Title pages ⇒ Changing line spacing Topic is solved. Use anywhere. This should be followed by two spaces, a long dash (option / shift / minus), two spaces, and then the first word of your abstract (as shown above). \Cref {lst:java,lst:xml} show listings rendered using minted. nvspace{ height} makes a vertical space. By default (as in Harish's answer below) the code block will naturally have some margins above and below to separate the code from the paragraphs. You can point to a single line: \lref {commentline}. Let’s start easy.
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