Liz tells Ressler that Red didn’t find Naomi. Using a, A: They probably used a cover story that they were making a film or TV show and all the other people were extras. Episode 1 • Lord BaltimoreAdd Song. "Lord Baltimore" is the first episode of the second season of the American crime drama The Blacklist. After pushing Red away and reuniting with him, Liz works with him once again on the Blacklist Season 2 premiere. The Blacklist season premiere recap: 'Lord Baltimore' The bare bones Post Office team races to find a cyber-tracker, while Red realizes that there may … All of Lord Baltimore’s men have been killed except one who gives Red a message. Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma 4. Why did the Mill's mother keep the body of Rowan? Red tells him he knows about the diagnoses and what the doctors found while at the hospital, but says he is strong and can still survive. Red is confronted by an important person from his past. Poor James Spader! Liz is sitting on a bench as her lawyer comes up and tells her that her marriage with Tom was legally annulled by a judge. Nora comes back and tells Liz, but they get there too late. A: She did not, Nora did, presumably as part of her guilt complex. Q: I am referring to constant action. As they walk up the stairs a helicopter shows up and a team of men breach the building, taking Reddington and knocking out Dembe. Susan Blommaert as Mr. Kaplan, Reddington's personal "cleaner". It aired on September 22, 2014 on NBC. Only, Q: The building and windows were shown suffering damage. Previous The Blacklist Season 2 premieres on Monday, Sept. 22 at 10/9c on NBC. Meanwhile, Liz tries to move forward with her life after her showdown with Tom. A: Nora stole Rowan's identity. Red's offer to surrender his evidence of the Kuwait incident to. Why did Rowan not suspect something was wrong because of the missing time she experienced when Nora was in control? [5] He wrote: "The first season of The Blacklist had a multitude of problems, and 'Lord Baltimore' still showcases many of them. Red tells Samar Navabi that he knows who she is by telling her about her younger brother Shahin Navabi who was killed in the 2009 Pishin bombing. The first season of the The Blacklist had a multitude of problems, and “Lord Baltimore” still showcases many of them. "Lord Baltimore" Episode 2 • Monarch Douglas Bank. Liz disagrees and says in her professional opinion he should go talk to Dr. Friedman. Nora was the identical twin sister of Rowan Mills, her junior by only 3 minutes. During the investigation into Lord Baltimore, the task force questions Rowan Mills (Krysten Ritter), a supposed victim. The scene cuts to Liz lying on her back in a motel room looking at a ceiling covered in newspaper clippings, reports, and photos of Tom, Red, and more. How did Red convince the FBI to let him spend at least 12,000,000 dollars of their money? Ressler is shown taking pills to cope and the hooded person is still watching Liz as she looks out the window. What did it gain Mossad to use a public extraction? Aram tells Liz that he has figured out how Lord Baltimore tracks his victims and that he isn’t looking for Reddington, but someone else. They learn that she was a troubled child, molested by her uncle from ages 7 to 12, and also the bravest member of her team. Plus, there are a few surprise twists in this fast paced season 2 premiere. The FBI raids an apartment and brings Rowan there to see something, while walking in the man who visited Berlin is show standing there and makes eye contact with Rowan. The government forces could not hit the jeep at close range and did not attempt to evade despite the. At the end Red gained the message from Milos Kirchoff. Her team leader tells Ressler how she died, but also confirms that the body was never recovered. Directed by Michael W. Watkins. Red says it’s their first lead and if they find Lord Baltimore they’ll find Berlin. Why did Nora leave through the front door where the FBI and police could see her? Find out when The Blacklist is on TV, including Series 2-Episode 1: Lord Baltimore. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. A: It was an explanation for the lie detector result. The agents/marshals outside the Hyland home were not in sight of other team members, nor did they have open radio links as a fallback. While continuing his battle with Berlin, Red receives intelligence from a Cameroonian warlord that a person named "Lord Baltimore", an information broker, hired a bounty hunter to kill him. Liz's paranoia about Tom was severe. A man (Marcus) walks into a dirty apartment to meet Berlin. Re: The Blacklist (S2E01) -- Season Premiere -- "Lord Baltimore" -- 9/22/14 Great first episode. Why did Nora's team alternate between bullets and. “Lord Baltimore” is a reference to the movie, John-Patrick Driscoll as Inspector Stevens. "Lord Baltimore" premiered on NBC on September 22, 2014 in the 10–11 p.m. time slot. A: Or aneurysm. Air date How many of Nora's other clients will be arrested? Marcus says they shouldn’t ask him, but Nora because she put it together. Peter Stormare as Berlin, real name Milos Kirchoff, Reddington's nemesis in the first season. "Lord Baltimore" is the first episode of the second season of the American crime drama The Blacklist. Episode 4 • Dr Linus Creel. The episode premiered in the United States on NBC on September 22, 2014. Marceline Hugot as Mother 10. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But it does seem like the writers are trying to fix the problems that really made the show so uneventful and unfulfilling. to find people. 21 of 23. Ressler notifies Liz who is at Naomi’s house listening to her talk about how she doesn’t want to give everything up again and how hard it is being Reddington’s wife. Other uses. A: Red bought them with the money from the US government. Liz says she feels like she’s being watched, while Ressler says she needs to stop and that Tom is dead. [3], Jim McMahon of IGN gave the episode a 7.8/10, stating: "'Lord Baltimore' is a pretty good balancing act, giving us a villain of the week while dealing with the fallout of last season's finale. Samar was skeptical that the FBI would overrule her. Here he gave Keen the starting evidence and let the FBI do the majority of the work. Liz realizes that Rowan and Nora don’t know the other exists or what the other does because of the dissociative personality disorder and they need to find the trigger for Nora. When Ressler arrived to investigate, the mother said “Rowan” did not want anyone going back there. Ba… Red's behavior was more reckless than usual, he could have died before or during the meeting with General Yaabari. 2 Lord Baltimore. [1] The episode garnered a 3.4/10 Nielsen rating with 12.34 million viewers, making it the highest-rated show in its timeslot[2] and the fourteenth most-watched show of the week. Free CP Newsletters Join over 250,000 others to get the top stories curated daily, plus special offers! Mary Louise Parker, Krysten Ritter and Peter Stormare guest star. Episode Chronology How long will it last? Liz tells Red that Lord Baltimore wasn’t looking for him, but someone else. Jon BokenkampJohn Eisendrath Girato in USA, prima visione USA Lunedì 22 Settembre 2014 su NBC. Red tells Samar on his way out he knows who ordered the bombing that killed her brother and it wasn’t the people who publicly claimed it. Dr. Friedman comes in and wants to talk to Ressler, but he isn’t having it and has a controlled outburst about how he feels. Cooper says that he is out and wants to go to the Dominican with his wife. Red believes Lord Baltimore took him, but it turns out to actually be Mossad. Hal Ozsan as Ezra 8. Touching his … While Rowan grew up normally and eventually got a job as a data engineer at QuanCord Analytics, Nora studied marksmanship and got a job at a private security firm active in the Middle East. She asks who they answer to now and turns around to see Harold Cooper back as the director. Naomi and her friends are interrupted by the arrival of U.S. "[4], Ross Bonaime of Paste gave the episode a 7.0/10. Why did Liz keep the last name of Keen? 28 Sep 2014 5 songs. They could have kidnapped Red similar to his tactics in “. While Liz successfully captures Mills, Red attempts to rescue Naomi at a designated apartment only to find a locket instead. Agent Martin shows up to where Mossad is holding Reddington and remands him into his custody. 104) September 23, 2014 2:20 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe Some months after the plane crash, Elizabeth is living in a hotel room with a conspiracy board about Tom on the ceiling, and Red is in Cameroon extracting information from a … Harold Cooper returns to his role as the Task Force's acting director after a visit from Reddington. Photo from the episode "Lord Baltimore" ... 2014 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. One of the other bounty hunters mentioned is called “Orci”, named after executive producer J.R. Orci. The insurgents displayed reckless behavior despite the danger. "[4] He went on to praise the opening scene of the episode, writing: "The highlight of the episode was the opening sequence in Africa, which provided a fitting reintroduction to Red and, almost as an afterthought, got the ball rolling on the plot. Rowan wakes up and asks Marcus how long she was out. Rowan, Marcus and a team show up and take Naomi. An important … A: Rowan exited the front door. When last we saw Rayomnd 'Red' Reddington on THE BLACKLIST, he was on a stoop in front of his latest safe house, plotting to find Berlin, but now in the Season Two premiere, 'Lord Baltimore… He shares the lead with her about Lord Baltimore who is an experienced tracker of sorts, using internet data, status updates, etc. The Blacklist. She freaks out, but he tells her he is Marcus and he isn’t their to hurt her. Nov 14, 2015 - Explore TV Style Guide's board "Raymond Reddington Clothing from The Blacklist", followed by 391 people on Pinterest. RED CONFRONTS AN IMPORTANT PERSON FROM HIS PAST - Red continues to battle Berlin and faces a new threat from a man named Lord Baltimore. The apartment is full of evidence incriminating Rowan, but she denies all of it and says she has never been there before in her life. At one point, she tried to pressure Ro… 32m. A most-wanted fugitive works with a rookie FBI profiler to take down criminals and terrorists in this crime series. If she had used the back door then Keen would have not seen her. Q: Martin could have ordered Keen to contact Red. Adriane Lenox as Reven Wright, Deputy Attorney General. The episode premiered in the United States on NBC on September 22, 2014. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Check out the official description released by NBC for season 2 episode 1, "Lord Baltimore". But we find out that Lord Baltimore isn’t a lord or a man at all, it’s actually a woman. “Berlin: Conclusion” Agent Martin is less then enthusiastic, but Aram knows all about him. "[5], "Monday Final Ratings: 'Forever', 'Dancing With the Stars' & 'The Big Bang Theory' Adjusted Up; 'Scorpion' & 'America's Next Top Model' Adjusted Down", "TV Ratings Broadcast Top 25: 'Sunday Night Football' Tops Week 1 With Adults 18-49 & With Total Viewers",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 November 2019, at 12:20. Berlin smashes his head against the tub and holds him underwater for a bit before saying no additional fees and that he just wants Red within 24 hours. Lance Henriksen as The Major, Tom Keen's former mentor and trainer. Also, a divorce would require the other party's consent. Red tries to convince Cooper to come back to the task force and gives him his only copy of “their adventure in Kuwait” as a reason to come back. He opens the other box in the package and sees one of Naomi’s fingers inside it. The hooded watcher from earlier is again shown wearing gloves and watching through binoculars. Season 2 - Episodes. A: In case he found Red and could then sell him to the hunters. How did General Yaabari know about the bounty hunters hired by Milos Kirchoff? Shameful • George McFarlane & Frank Shelley. Nora also committed murder. Will Nora Mills be granted release from prison if her. Aug 18, 3:04 pm He answers it and it’s Berlin whom he ask where Naomi is and is taunted that she would be sent to Red “piece by piece”. Meanwhile, Liz goes through the process of annulling her marriage with Tom, and is unknowingly under surveillance by an unknown party. Looks like the battle with Berlin will be a focus for most of this season, if not the whole thing. “Monarch Douglas Bank”. Michael Watkins It also sounds like it was a crime of passion, i.e., not pre-meditated, but something done in the heat of the moment that she later wished she had not done. He puts on a record for her to listen to and tells her to come back, to remember. Evidence of Red's victory over Keen, her behavior towards Nora and her handler. ... cast; shop; Lord Baltimore. In the car, she points this out to Ressler and talks about how easy it is to track someone, but he just thinks she’s being paranoid and that’s why she’s living out of trunk, using aliases, and moving motels all the time. While they are talking Aram calls and says she’s innocent because a lot of data was stolen, but from the outside. Second Season, First Episode Follows 'Lord Baltimore' In the latest Season 2 trailer, main villain Berlin (Peter Stormare) has put a bounty on Red and his associates. During the opening chase, both the insurgent and goverment forces showed incompetent training. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Amir Arison. Check out the official description released by NBC for season 2 episode 1, "Lord Baltimore". A: Some members of the FBI have heard some of the rumours. Too early to speculate. CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM - 9x19mm The silenced SP01 Phantom held on the right hand. Back at the apartment Rowan tells the Liz and Ressler that the only explanation for the apartment is her twin sister Nora, who supposedly died seven years ago in Mosul, must actually be alive and doing all this as Lord Baltimore. Why did Mossad extract Red using an attack in public? Liz attempts to evacuate Naomi, but her team is ambushed by a kidnapping group led by Mills. Liz and Ressler interrogate Marcus and Rowan, but neither of them are talking. Lord Baltimore (Lord Baltimore) e' l'episodio numero 1 della Stagione 2 della serie televisiva The Blacklist. Season 2. Krysten Ritter as Nora Mills 3. Red offers Yaabari 3,000,000 dollars in cash for the name of a bounty hunter who has been hired by Berlin to kill him. He is an associate of Lord Baltimore, says that they have found Reddington, but because the feds are involved now they will require additional fees. 22 Sep 2014 5 songs. Episode 1 • Lord Baltimore. Red learns during his brief captivity by a Mossad agent, Samar Navabi (Mozhan Marnò), that Baltimore's intended target is his ex-wife, Naomi Hyland (special guest star Mary-Louise Parker). Is Ressler in danger of wrecking his career? Next United States Federal Witness Protection Program, They release Rowan because they think Nora is still out there and they don’t have cause to hold her. Episode 5 • The Front. Red and Dembe go to the apartment building from the message where he finds a locket with a picture inside it. The FBI knew about Milos Kirchoff's efficiency and ruthlessness. James Spader as ... Lord Baltimore. She asks him why and he tells her that she is his wife. The Blacklist: "Lord Baltimore" Review ... Time will tell if “Lord Baltimore” is the beginning of a gradual shift for the series, but for now it’s a promising start to the second season. Naomi tells Berlin she can’t help him find Reddington, but Berlin just tells her to lay down and then takes her picture. Adam David Thompson as Marcus 9. Yaabari is belligerent and tells his men to kill Red and keep the money, but Red had planned ahead and used 3 Hellfire missiles he had recently acquired to attack the base and get Yaabari to give him a name, “Lord Baltimore”. 5 Oct 2014 2 songs. Since Tom (which may not even be his real identity) turned out to have married Liz just to keep tabs on her and worked for a criminal, an annulment seems like the better option. Get "red-y" for another crazy ride because The Blacklist comes back in full swing on Monday, Sept.22. See the glasses on the dashboard. Watch The Blacklist - Season 2, Episode 6 - The Mombasa Cartel: Raymond "Red" Reddington, Agent Elizabeth Keen, and the team go after big game by … Naomi is there and she goes to the kitchen where she notices a man at the backdoor. Baltimore and Ohio No. La Grange • ZZ Top. She looks like she’s been there a while as she brushes her teeth, eats something from a takeout box, then grabs some documents and goes to meet Red. Meanwhile, Rowan listens to a voice message telling her that they know about her chat with Liz and Ressler and threatening her not to talk to the FBI again. Liz adopted Red's tactics of constantly changing her living conditions. Nora reset herself after the shooting. That means real ammunition was used. Dr. Friedman finds Ressler at the Post Office and says she could suspend him, but he ignores her and goes to talk to Rowan’s mother again. Naomi is taken to Berlin, who’s cut off hand has been replaced by a hook. 104)". Then he asks how she found him and she explains that they placed a traceable dye into the kind of ties he likes (Zegna) to find him. The Blacklist Episode 2.01 Lord Baltimore. A: The insurgent forces, at least, have the excuse of being untrained soldiers. 12 Oct 2014 3 songs. If she is cured of thinking she is Rowan, she would go back to her original identity. Home; News. The Blacklist Season 2 Premiere Review: Lord Baltimore Season 2 of The Blacklist starts off with a bang, and with Mary Louise Parker’s head in a sack. She also shares that she was targeted before in August and that the information gathered could be used to track someone. In previous episodes and “, A: Telling the FBI the name of the target (. She walks back into the Post Office with a new hair do as Aram meets her all smiles and tells her Martin is no longer interim director. View photos from The Blacklist Lord Baltimore on Why did Ressler assume a mental “split” after finding the body? A: It could be a type of cancer since it was discovered at the hospital. At the Post Office, Walter Gary Martin and Donald Ressler talk to Deputy Attorney General, Reven Wright, who is angry that Red burned the money (apparently it was government blackbook dollars). The Blacklist Season . Adriane Lenox as Reven Wright 6. Marshals. He confidently tells her that he will be released within the hour, she laughs. See more ideas about raymond, the blacklist, james spader. Season 2, Episode 1 While Rowan was happy and outgoing, Nora was more introverted and had trouble fitting in. It was a false name used by. 19 Oct 2014 3 songs. One of Lord Baltimore's men uses a CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM as his sidearm when he raids the Hyland residence in "Lord Baltimore (No. “Lord Baltimore” is the first episode of Season 2 of The Blacklist, the twenty third episode overall and the Season 2 premiere. Why was Milos Kirchoff sitting in ice water? Red sets the cash on fire and leaves. An important person comes back from the past into Red's world. He asks if a Mossad agent really captured Reddington. At the Post Office, Liz tells the team about the case. It’s not a gigantic shift for The Blacklist, but hey, it feels like a move in the right direction. Such as not offering medical attention for the leg wound. Ressler tells her that’s great, but around the Post Office they have a thing, Reddington only talks to Elizabeth Keen. She goes to Marcus to find out and then uses it to switch Rowan to Nora using the song that Marcus played earlier. How was Nora able to keep her condition a secret? She already knows and alludes to having him killed already. The Blacklist: Lord Baltimore (No. Red gets a package from Berlin with a cell phone in it. Or a lot of other things. This allows Red to offer suggestions and help with improving her techniques. Of course, she tells Ressler and Liz right away. Episode 3 • Dr. James Covington. Directed by A: She clearly was not in a good place, mentally and emotionally, if she committed the murder and developed dissociative identity disorder in the first place. A: The difference is that an annulment is retroactive and basically makes it so that the marriage is considered never to have happened. He did not have to aid Liz other than the basic information about the Blacklister. Watch The Blacklist starring James Spader in this Drama on DIRECTV. Jason Butler Harner as Walter Gary Martin 5. "The Blacklist" season 2 premiere entitled "Lord Baltimore" is slated to air on Sept. 22, Monday, at 10 p.m. on NBC and can be watched online through live stream by clicking here. Meanwhile, Liz tries to move forward with her life after her showdown with Tom. The Blacklist Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Liz notices that she was fidgeting with her ring nervously while talking to them. Liz asks Ressler if he has talked to Dr. Friedman yet to which he gets defensive and says the Bureau doesn’t care about their mental health and he doesn’t need to talk to a psychiatrist. Red continues to battle Berlin (guest star Peter Stormare) and faces a new threat from a man named Lord Baltimore. How did Red know the location of Yaabari's camp? Written by 2 Lord Baltimore, steam locomotive of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; Lord Baltimore Hotel, on West Baltimore and North Hanover Streets, in downtown Baltimore, Maryland "Lord Baltimore" (The Blacklist), an episode of the American TV series The Blacklist Episode Information The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 1: Lord Baltimore Summary: Red continues to battle Berlin and faces a new threat from a man named Lord Baltimore. We cut to a group of couples sitting together discussing atheism. Red aided the FBI less than usual. While they talk, a mysterious person in a car watches Liz through binoculars from a distance. The scene cuts to Harold Cooper walking into his home to see Dembe and Reddington sitting there. Rowan is in her apartment looking at a photo when the man who made eye contact with her earlier walks in. Further investigation into Mills reveals she is actually Rowan's twin sister, Nora Mills, a covert operative who suffers from an engineered dissociative identity disorder, and is also the actual Lord Baltimore. Lee Tergesen as Frank Hyland 7. A: He lost one of his ears due to a war wound. While continuing to battle Berlin, Red faces a new threat in the form of Lord Baltimore; a figure from Red's past returns; Liz tries to move on after her showdown with Tom. Agent Martin, the interim director of this task force while Harold Cooper is in recovery because of his near death at the end of Berlin: Conclusion, says that the situation is under control. The episode opens with Reddington being transported along a jungle road by some child soliders, they destroy a military vehicle following them with a bazooka and then bring Red to a Congolese warlord named Yaabari. He also says it doesn’t make sense because Red is a Luddite and doesn’t use modern technology so why would Berlin hire Lord Baltimore to find him, unless they’re actually tracking someone else, maybe someone on the team. He pulls up a file on Rowan Mills who works for a big data firm and recently had 250,000 dollar deposited into her individual retirement account then quickly transferred to an offshore account. She starts crying and tells her husband shes sorry and then says, “He’s back isn’t he”? 1. Liz is shot with a stun gun, but is able to shake it off and shoot Marcus before he can kill her and then runs outside, sees Rowan walking down the street and tackles her. A: Red was able to confirm that the rumour was true, meaning that the FBI could then actively pursue Lord Baltimore. On the Blacklist, Red and Liz continue to deal with the Berlin threat. He quickly realizes it’s a woman named Naomi Hyland and tells her to send units to protect her now. An important person comes back from the past into Red's world. Liz and Ressler are seen interviewing Rowan, her mother, and Nora’s team leader in Syria about Nora. Red later receives a package with a cell phone provided by Berlin, who taunts him that Naomi will be sent to Red "piece by piece", proving this when Red finds a finger in the package. Add time. It's available to watch on TV, online, tablets, phone. Who was firing the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles? A group of US Marshals enter and tell her that they have a credible threat and she needs to go with them. Ressler is back at her mother’s house and goes to back where he finds Nora Mills body and realizes that Rowan is living with split personality disorder. Mary-Louise Parker as Naomi Hyland 2. She tells him she’s keeping his name “Keen” because he was a fake and it was never his name. Red and Dembe walk into a hotel and go up the stairs, while Red tells Dembe that he doesn’t recognize the concierge and he wants to know who he is. A: Tom Keen is not dead. Rowan tells them that Nora pressured her to get information about a competing security firm she could use to get the upper hand and hit Rowan when she refused. As a child, Nora was molested by an uncle. Celebrity News Movie News ... Main Cast. Ressler and Liz go talk to her, but she claims that she’s the victim not the criminal here. Check out the official photos for "Lord Baltimore." The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 17 'Brothers' Sneak Peek. September 22, 2014 Reven Wright isn’t satisfied because Red has given out 12,000,000 dollars in blackbag cash to his friends and says she wants to talk to him. A: An ice bath is used by some athletes to help in recovery after muscle strain, Milos Kirchoff left the hospital before his recovery was complete.

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