Thats about it. They became popular street wear in the 60s and 70s, and they became favorites of many bands. The name stuck and endorsements followed soon after that. I don't know exactly what shoes they wore but when i had to dress up for 80's no one recommended converse at all. The brand was renamed in 1920, long before online pokies NZ were around, and became known as “All-Star”. Converse shoes in TV and films. hope that helps. As rubber production shifted to help the war effort in 1942, Converse sneakers were worn by the entire U.S. Army Air Corp, as well as soldiers completing basic training. The Chuck Taylor had Converse flexing their muscle with a monopoly on basketball sneakers for a few decades, but when new brands entered the scene, it was time for a change. converse hit the slopes with ski boots 1980s 1986 converse weapon basketball shoe is introduced 1990s 1999 converse introduces the he:01 shoe. Converse sneakers weren’t meant just for sports. 1970s: THE GENESIS. In 1932, Converse added Chuck’s signature to the All-Star patch on the classically-designed high-top sneakers. Converse was mainly popular amongst sports players at the time. 2000s 2003: high heeled converse are introduced 2012 60% of all americans own or have owned at least one pair most expensive converse.. $200 chuck taylor x missoni $170 - pro leather As infamous today as they were 10 years ago, … As popular as they were on stage, Converse trainers also started making regular appearances in Hollywood, … There's a reason these are one of the bestselling shoes of all time. These kicks can be found on people of all ages and across many subcultures. Not only are these shoes “cool” to look at, but they are cool and comfortable to wear, as generators of loyal fans will attest. Are you talking about All-Star Basketball Converse? The Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” black high top is still today a great example of American art deco design, a design that has remained functional and popular for over eighty years. If you are they came out in the early 20th century, and were used mainly for basketball. The most popular being Charles “Chuck” Taylor who was a popular basketball player. Still popular today, these sneakers were ultra popular with the grunge crowd of the '80s and' 90s — and the dirtier, the better. Probably one of the world's most popular sneakers ever. I think they were really popular in the 70's and 80's i don't think they were as popular. Just as with Champion’s sweatshirts , another sporty invention, Converse’s practical application was identified by the American Military at the advent of World War II. 8/21. Converse offers classic design that hasn't changed in years. Following WWII, Chuck Taylors were more popular than ever, and nearly every high school and collegiate basketball players wore Chuck Taylors. In fact, they were wearing what is perhaps now the most popular model, the classic white high-top with blue and red accents. In 1917, the world-famous Converse All-Star basketball shoes were introduced for the first time and selected Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor to become its brand ambassador. Converse "Chuck Taylors" From Guns N Roses to Pearl Jam, Chuck Taylors were sported by rockers and kids alike. A brief history of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Jul 12, 2016. One of the most popular and iconic footwear silhouettes of all time, the Converse All Star, also known as the Chuck Taylor All Star, has a long and rich history spanning almost 100 years.